The reason Muhammad married Aisha

God gave women the choice to the Prophet Muhammad that Aisha who was then a young age, because it will lower the revelation of God to the Prophet, and your question is why should a young woman? Due to memorize the revelation of God or the Hadith who so many women who are young dibutuhkanlah ingatanya who are still lucid, like a vast sea of ​​Aisha in the depth of knowledge and piety. Among women, he figures a lot to memorize the hadiths of the Prophet, and among the Prophet's wives, he has a privilege that is not owned by the other wives of the Prophet.

When the revelation came to the Messenger of Allah, Gabriel brought the news that Aisha was his wife in the world and the hereafter, as described in history Tirmidhi hadith of Aisha:

'Gabriel came to take pictures on a piece of green silk to the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wassalam. And said, this is your wife in the world and the hereafter. "

He is the cause of the decline of God's word describes holiness and free him from slander hypocrites.
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