How to find your Facebook ID

This is the fastest to find your Facebook ID, Facebook hides the ID of these users, and there are all sorts of crazy ways documented on the Internet describing ways to find their user ID, but there is only one proper method.

To find the user ID of a named user, you must query the Open Graph. Every object within the Open Graph has a unique URL that can be inspected and will return information about that object. Users are no exception.

The URL to a named user is, and will return a JSON object containing information about that user:

Replace the "" with your URL name. (Bild .2)

Like this the result:

"id": "557055802",
"name": "Your Name",
"first_name": "Your",
"last_name": "Name",
"link": "",
"username": "yourname",
"gender": "male",
"locale": "de_DE"
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