Create pop-up window without Javascript

More and more people are annoyed by the pop-up windows that open without being asked on many websites. Remedy there is now a whole lot of tools, so you can surf undisturbed through the net. In addition, many have since JavaScript disabled because it can sneak some nasty surprise on the hard disk.

Stupid it is, however, when you deliberately click on a link that is associated with a pop-up window. Then this window is namely not really matter. Because where is the pop-up blocker also know that we now really wants to allow a popup window?

The pop-up windows are usually created by a javascript command. To the head section of the website includes a command to be executed at a specific point in the body area.
Also uses pop-up windows. You will notice that this pop-ups to function despite a possible disabling Javascript. You will be less no longer adjusted in size as normal popup window, but at least they still go on.

How does it work?
<a href="" onclick="
  ('', 'popup', 'width=580,height=360,scrollbars=no, toolbar=no,status=no,
  " target="popup">Click here to popup</a>

Note the code without line breaks in a row to be written off, otherwise there may be an error message.
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