Google blog search ping service

Google has recently announced that the Google Blog Search Pinging Service is now accepting pings from blogs. So, if you want to ensure your latest posts appear in Google’s Blog Search you will want to ping them everytime you make a new post.

There are two ways you can do this.

Manual Ping
    The manual method of pinging Google is to simply go to and enter your blogs URL everytime your blog is updated. This is the straight forward method but many will prefer the Automatic Ping method listed below.

    Automatic Ping
      If you want WordPress to automatically ping Google everytime you update your blog, then you will need to add to your Update Services box in your WordPress admin area. This is found in the options/writing section of the admin area and by default Pingomatic ( will already be in the text box.

      While Pingomatic already pings a number of services for you, by adding Google’s ping url to the Update Services list you are sure to increase your blogs exposure on the net. For more information on ping lists and a comprehensive list of update services see the WordPress Compressed All Inclusive Ping List.
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